No Limits to the Wholeness He Brings

December 24, 2018 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: Advent

Topic: Advent Passage: Isaiah 9:1–9:7

Movie clip from The Grinch shown in sermon:

Question: According to new research (believe it or not), this will help you live a longer life. What is it?
Answer: Fighting with your significant other!

What do you think about that? It sounds like as long as no one gets hurt, it’s okay to be normal. We hope you have had a happy holiday season, but if things have gotten a little tense along the way, you have permission to be human and you’re certainly not alone.

Our vision at Celebration this year is for your to know Shalom — God’s peace. That’s our hope for this Christmas Eve too.  Steve's message is called "No Limits to the Wholeness He Brings."

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