Where There is Rightness There Will Be Peace

December 23, 2018 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: Advent

Topic: Advent Passage: Isaiah 32:16–32:20, Isaiah 9:2, Isaiah 9:6–9:7

Movie clip from Jingle All the Way shown in sermon:

Question: Ten percent of families will do this before breakfast on Christmas morning. What is it?
Answer: Argue!

Isn't it interesting that on what is supposed to be a day of celebration, peace, and love, we can find ourselves feeling anything but peaceful. Not just on Christmas, but every day all around the world we can see how much we desperately need peace.

This morning we will learn the meaning of Jesus' title "Prince of Peace" and discover the path he marks out for us. Steve's sermon is called "Where There is Rightness There Will Be Peace."

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