Jesus Wants To Be Your Wonderful Counselor

December 2, 2018 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: Advent

Topic: The Names of Jesus Passage: Isaiah 9:2–9:7

Video clip from Arthur Christmas shown in sermon:

Question: Almost 75% of people surveyed say this gets them into the holiday spirit. What is it? 
Answer: Shopping! 

What gets you in the holiday spirit? Shopping? Baking (or eating?) Christmas cookies? Singing Christmas Carols? Watching Christmas movies?

All of these can help to make the holidays fun and festive. So many traditions surround this holiday that is ultimately about a baby being born in a manger who would change the course of human history. Today, we start a new sermon series in which we will look at the various names given to this baby—the Messiah—and what each of these names mean and why they matter. Pastor Jill brings the message from Isaiah 9 called “Jesus Wants to Be Your Wonderful Counselor” or “The Names of Jesus & Why They Matter.”

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