The War of Art - Part 1

July 29, 2018 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: Created to Be Creative: God, Art & You

Topic: Creativity Takes Courage Passage: 2 Samuel 6:12–6:23

Movie clip from Get Smart (2008) shown in sermon:

Question: According to a survey, this is the last thing a man wants to do on a first date.  What is it?
Answer: Dance! 

Do you like to dance, whether on a date or at a wedding or wherever? If not, why don't you like it? 

There’s a saying that says, “Dance like nobody’s watching.” But sometimes people are watching. Then they take out their phones and start filming, right? It's kind of hard to dance like no one's watching when the whole world wide web is watching. Ugh. 

But there's a guy in the Bible who busted a move even when he knew everyone was watching. He just didn't care. And he didn't feel embarrassed even when a loved one mocked him for it. 

This morning, Steve brings the next installment in our series called, ”Created to Be Creative.” This one is called “The War of Art: Creativity Takes Courage.” Plus, we’ll hear from our youth group back from Portland.

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