The Artist’s Journey

July 22, 2018 Speaker: Naomi Haverland & Kenn Bisio Series: Created to Be Creative: God, Art & You

Topic: Stories From Two Artists

Question: When it's sunny, what are we 50% more likely to do?
Answer: Sing! 

It's ironic that when we hear someone singing it can brighten our day. But when it gets dark, we can get discouraged and don't feel like -- or forget to -- engage in activities that can bring us joy.  

Singing, like all creative activity, often needs something or someone to encourage it. We believe that your God given creativity is needed in this world for your joy, the joy of others, and for us all to experience God in powerful ways.

Today we hope to provide you with some encouragement through the stories of a couple of talented and creative people. We're excited to have chalk artist Naomi Haverland and photo journalist Kenn Bisio here to share God's story through their stories with us. 

Naomi Haverland:

Photography of Kenn Bisio:

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