Nurture in Nature

July 15, 2018 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: Created to Be Creative: God, Art & You

Topic: How to See & Hear God This Summer Passage: Psalm 19:1–19:14

A recent survey revealed that one in 10 of us has cried while eating ice cream.
Question: Have you ever cried while eating ice cream…and why?

Hey, we get it. You get your heart broken and eat a quart of Moose Tracks. In that regard, ice cream is a comfort food. It makes hard times a little easier. 

God's Word is that way. Scripture says it's sweeter than honey, making even tough times better. And if you can get outdoors to get into both God's Word AND God's world, well, that's just the best. Especially if you live in Colorado! 

This morning, Steve brings us a message called “Nurture in Nature: How to See & Hear God This Summer." It’s part four of our summer sermon series “Created to Be Creative.”

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