A Safe Place for Storytelling

July 8, 2018 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: Created to Be Creative: God, Art & You

Passage: Genesis 3:1–3:19

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Video shown in sermon: Pixar in a Box

Question: In the summertime, 99% of women don't want their husband or boyfriend to do this. What is it?
Answer: Wear a SPEEDO! 

Dang! Okay, ladies: How many of you don't want your man on the beach or at the pool in a speedo? Now, guys, how many of you are in complete agreement with the ladies, perhaps for the first time ever? 

Good advice doesn’t always feel good when you get it. And what seems like a good idea at the time may later prove disastrous.

This morning, we’ll hear the tragic story of a couple who made mistakes and suffered for them. Spoiler alert: there is no happy ending to this story. The couple lost everything and lived with a lifetime of regret. That was their fate…but it doesn’t have to be yours. Steve’s sermon is called "A Safe Place for Storytelling." It's the third message in our summer series "Created to Be Creative.”

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