The First Thing We Learn About God

June 24, 2018 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: Created to Be Creative: God, Art & You

Topic: Art is not an Elective Passage: Genesis 1:1–1:31

Genesis 1 Video:

Question: According to a 2014 study, 72% of people have creative insights in this place. Where is it?
Answer: The Shower!

Dang! How many of you have had a moment of inspiration as you lather, rinse, and repeat? How about in the car? What other places?

It's crazy how we can experience "ah-ha" moments when we least expect them. And if we can stumble upon creative insight when we're not even looking for it, imagine if we could train our brain actively utilize our God-given imagination?! 

This morning, Steve is back to launch a summer sermon series called "Created to Be Creative: God, Art & You." This study can improve your relationships, grow your business, and make your world a more beautiful place. Today's talk is called "The First Thing We Learn About God."

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