You Can Only Give What You've Got

May 27, 2018 Speaker: Wes Scheu Series: Loving My Actual Neighbor

Topic: Go to the Source of Love Passage: Deuteronomy 10:12–10:19

Three High School graduates are honored today.

Question: A recent survey showed that about a quarter of us have purchased this while on vacation? What is it?

Answer: Underwear!

We'll keep this brief... It really stinks when we run out of stuff we need in every day life. At least we can go to the store for every day essentials, but what if we run out of something more important?

Jesus said to love our neighbor as ourself. That's a tall order any day of the week! What do we do when we run out of love? Pastor Wes Scheu brings us some answers to these questions today in a sermon he calls "Loving My Actual Neighbor: You Can Only Give What You've Got (or, Go to the Source)."

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