Looking for the Invitation in the Irritation

May 13, 2018 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: Loving My Actual Neighbor

Passage: Luke 10:38–10:42

Question: Over 60% of couples say they have argued about this in the kitchen. What is it?
Answer: To rinse or not to rinse dishes going into the dishwasher!

How many of you think you should rinse before putting dishes in the dishwasher? How many think it doesn't matter? 

It's funny the things we argue about. Today we willl hear a story from Pastor Jill about two sisters that couldn't agree on what was best when hosting a crowd, and how one sister lets her irritation get the better of her.

We’re in our spring sermon series called "Loving My Actual Neighbor." It’s often easier to love your neighbor if they are a casual acquaintance, but can be much more challenging if the person is a family member or lives right next door. But God has something for you and me when these relationships get gnarly or irritating. Pastor Jill's message is called "Looking for the Invitation in the Irritation." 

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