Mental Health and the Prophet Elijah

April 29, 2018 Speaker: Ruth Folkerts Series: Loving My Actual Neighbor

Topic: Responding to Your Neighbor with Mental Health Challenges Passage: 1 Kings 19:1–19:18

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

Question: According to a new study, the average American will do this today by 10:54 am. What is it? 
Answer: Utter their first curse word!  

Dang! (Wait...that’s not a curse word, is it?) Do you think people say their first curse word earlier than that, maybe during rush hour? Do you think it’s later than that? Do you agree with the study and think 10:54 is about right? 

Some of us never curse. Others curse for no reason. Still others curse when we’re upset. And we all get upset about things now and then! Whether it’s something or someone, none of us is immune from frustration, anxiety, or self-criticism. Life is hard sometimes.  

This morning, we will hear the story of a great prophet who won a great victory then became anxious and depressed. If you or a loved one struggles with emotional highs and lows, this message is for you. Ruth Folkerts will bring us a message called “A Sermon for National Mental Health Awareness Month.” It’s part 4 of our Spring Sermon Series, “Loving My Actual Neighbor.“

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