God Transforms (or Hang Out and Get Your IPC)

February 25, 2018 Speaker: Wes Scheu Series: The Good and Beautiful God

Topic: Abide in God and Receive Passage: John 15:1–15:17

Brian Regan video clip shown in sermon:

Question: A recent survey shows that 11% of us have postponed a break up due to this. What is it?
Answer: A previously planned trip! 

Did you ever have that happen? I guess it's like the song says: Breaking up is hard to do.  Simple? Yes. Easy? No! 

That's the same way it is when it comes to change in our lives from habits and behaviors that hurt us and others, to becoming more like Jesus. The good news is, we don't do it alone. We'll talk about this suject today in the fourth message of our series The Good and Beautiful God in a sermon form Pastor Wes called "God Transforms (or Hang Out and Get Your IPC)."