God is Love (or The Real Valentine)

February 11, 2018 Speaker: Wes Scheu Series: The Good and Beautiful God

Topic: Soul Training Passage: Luke 15:11–15:32

Ministry Partner Highlight: Providence Network -- Derek Kuykendall
Video shown: https://youtu.be/yMO8RpBQgW4

Video shown in sermon (Kids describing love):

Question: Today we associate love with the heart, but this wasn’t always the case. In biblical literature, and the works of John Milton, which internal organ was believed to cause love? 
Answer: The bowels.

Wow! How did we go from the there to the heart? I wonder what caused that movement... ;-) 

Throughout history and even today, we have different ideas about love. What’s for sure is that we all need it. The problem is when it comes to God’s love, we often have a hard time receiving it. Many of the ideas we have about love are from the world around us, not from Him. Today we’ll confront some of those narratives. Wes Scheu brings us another sermon in our series on The Good and Beautiful God, called "God is Love (or The Real Valentine)."