Joy from the Inside Out

January 21, 2018 Series: Joy

Topic: How to Find Joy in Your Actual Life Passage: Ecclesiastes 5:18–5:20

Question: A survey asked 50,000 people what would make them enjoy their job more. The number one answer was if the company would provide more ____?
Answer: Praise! 

What do you think respondents meant by “praise”? (encouragement? affirmation?)  Would more praise make your situation more enjoyable? 

There’s a place for constructive criticism and airing honest feelings. Some things are wrong and we have to confront them. Sometimes we’re angry or scared and it’s no good to pretend otherwise. But there’s a place for positivity too. There’s a place for celebration and joy. 

If you want more of God’s joy in your life — TODAY — here and now, you’re in the right place. But you’ll need to get your heart right. We need to be still and know that He is God. And declare Him Lord of our lives, our situations, and even our emotions. This morning Steve brings a message called “Joy from the Inside Out: How to Find Joy in Your Actual Life.”