How to Find Peace With God, Yourself & Others

December 24, 2017 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: Loving My Actual Christmas

Topic: Advent Passage: Luke 2:8–2:15

Life stress inventory used in service:

Question: Two out of three shoppers have done this during the holiday season. What is it?
Answer: Screamed at another driver! 

Driving can be stressful and the holidays can be stressful. If you need to cleanse your conscience, we’re happy to help this morning. How many would admit:
1) I have screamed at another driver this holiday season.
2) I have felt like screaming at another driver.
3) I have made other drivers feel like screaming. 

We hear you. Holiday stress is real and when this season is all over, we’re going to need a few recovery days…or at least a long nap. 

This morning, we’ll discuss the final word of the Advent Season: Peace. Hopefully, you will find help in your pursuit of peace of mind and rest for your soul. Steve’s sermon is called “How to Find Peace with God, Yourself, and Others.” This is week four of our Advent Series called "Loving My Actual Christmas."