Narrative of Gratitude

November 26, 2017 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: Preparing for the Christmas Season

Topic: Thanksgiving Passage: Matthew 6:27–6:34, Psalm 136:1–136:26, Psalm 73:21–73:28

Gratitude video shown at the beginning of the service:

The average person will spend almost 80 minutes doing this today.  What is it?
Answer: Eating! 

If the average person spends 80 minutes eating on a normal day, how much time did the average person spend time eating on Thanksgiving Day?!?! What was your favorite Thanksgiving dish this year? 

Thanksgiving was just 3 days ago, but the shift to the Christmas season—the decorating and the shopping—has already happened. We’re going to put the brakes on things a bit, and spend the morning exploring the time-honored practice of gratitude. It will be a morning of extended worship, reflection and giving thanks. We’re grateful that you’re here with us this morning.