Christmas on Credit: The Recipe for a Holiday Hangover

November 12, 2017 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: Preparing for the Christmas Season

Topic: Financial Wisdom Passage: Proverbs 4:23, Proverbs 19:3, Proverbs 22:15, Proverbs 27:9

Question: If you’re an average American, you’ll do this 20 times today at your house. What is it?
Answer: Open the refrigerator door!

Really? Do you think that's accurate? How do they know these things? 

It's not always good to be an average American. Know why? Because according to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Federal Reserve, the average household in the United States has more than $16,000 in credit card debt. 

It's easy to get into debt and hard to get out of. This is especially true during the holidays, so Pastor Steve feels burdened to call us to financial wisdom this morning. His message is called, "Christmas on Credit: How to Avoid a Holiday Hangover."

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