Loving Your Actual Christmas: Remembering the Story

November 5, 2017 Speaker: Alex Kuykendall Series: Preparing for the Christmas Season

Topic: Finding Joy in Your Imperfect Christmas Passage: Romans 12:1, Luke 2:16–2:20, Philippians 4:11–4:13

In a recent survey, American adults said these factors would improve the Christmas holiday period for them:

1. stay in a luxury hotel (25%)
2. ___________________ (16%)
3. have a professional gift wrapper (11%)
4. have a personal driver (11%)

Question: Can you guess the #2 highest response?
Answer: Having a body double! 

Let’s clarify this. In Hollywood, a body double is a look-alike who stands in for an actor in uncomfortable, unflattering, or dangerous scenes. When a star finds a situation distasteful, a look-alike is called in to take their place. Now…who thinks a body double could come in handy during the holiday season? 

Sadly, we can't get you a body double. You’re too unique to replicate. The good news is: you don’t need one. What you need is a God who will go with you and a church to prepare you for the season ahead. And you’ve got both. We're going to use the whole month of November to recalibrate the season. 

To kick things off today, we will hear from one of our very own — Alex Kuykendall. A gifted author and speaker, Alex will bring us a message called, "Loving Your Actual Christmas: Remembering the Story." At the end of the service, we will celebrate Communion as a way to consecrate ourselves and our holidays to God.

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