Rockstar Ruth’s Greatest Hits (or How to Be a Hero)

October 29, 2017 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: The Book of Ruth

Topic: What You Need to Become a Hero Passage: Ruth 4:16–4:22

Question: A new study reveals that men with these make better business decisions.  What are they?
Answer: Daughters! 

Are you inclined to agree with that study? Disagree? Why might this be the case? How many of you men have girls? Have they affected your business decisions for the better?  Maybe there is something in all of us that wants to be a hero… for our sons or daughters, little brothers or nieces. Perhaps we all would make better decisions if we knew that someone impressionable was looking up to us.

Today’s sermon is about heroes. As we conclude the book of Ruth, we reflect on the bold and courageous steps the characters in the story took. Two widows and a farmer rose above their situations and worked their ways into our hearts, inspiring us to take calculated risks to become heroes in our own stories. Steve’s message is called “Rockstar Ruth's Greatest Hits” or “How to Be the Hero in Your Own Story.” There’s certain to be something in it for each of us.