Participate in the Story of YOUR Life

October 1, 2017 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: The Book of Ruth

Topic: An Invitation to Something More Passage: Ruth 3:1–3:9

Question: 79% of adults haven't been here in more than a decade. Where?
Answer: The Library!

Does that percentage surprise you? Does it seem a bit high? How many of you are frequent library card users? How many not so much?

Whether you’re a big reader or not, there IS one story that matters to everyone: your OWN story! Whether the story of your life is a page-turner like the great American novel, or it reads like a comedy, a tragedy, or is a bit dull at times, your Creator invites you to co-author your story with Him. Today, we will look at the fascinating story of Ruth and Naomi in Ruth 3, and we will each get to respond to God’s invitation to join Him in his Grand story-telling in a sermon from Pastor Jill called "Participate in the Story of YOUR Life."