Providence, Pluck & Provision: The Bamboo Way - Part 3

September 17, 2017 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: The Book of Ruth

Topic: Church Vision and Ministry Plan Passage: Ruth 2:1–2:23

Question: Who invented the term “Vision Sunday?”
Answer: Paul B Melnychenko, January 14, 1965

How many of you were around for the first Vision Sunday back in 1965 (you know, kind of like being a pilgrim at the first Thanksgiving)?  Actually, Celebration wasn’t around then either! But don’t worry, even though our future is bright, you won’t need 3D or eclipse glasses for our Vision Sunday service!

Today we’ll follow the example of the holy days of the Bible. They were times of feasting and remembrance—remembering what God has done for us here at Celebration and looking to the future with confidence.  Steve will bring us a message from Ruth chapter 2, in which we are reminded of God’s kindness and provision in biblical times just as he continues to show us his love through kindness and provision today. His sermon is called “Providence, Pluck & Provision: The Bamboo Way - Part 3.”