The Bamboo Way: A Vision for God-Sized Growth - Part 2

September 10, 2017 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: The Book of Ruth

Topic: Church Vision and Ministry Plan Passage: Ruth 1:1–1:22

Question: Not only is Bamboo super-strong and useful, you can also breathe easier with Bamboo around. Why?
Answer: Bamboo produces more than 35 percent more oxygen than hardwood trees. It has been found that bamboo can absorb up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide per 2.5 acres in a single year. 

This helps stabilize the planet’s atmosphere, absorb excess carbon dioxide, and fight global climate change. This makes bamboo one of the most planet-friendly substances in existence. 

This morning, we continue our convo about The Bamboo Way. This humble plant has lots to teach us about what it means to grow in God’s ways. Steve’s message is called “The Bamboo Way: A Vision for God-Sized Growth.”