The Making of an Awesome Mom: How the Overwhelmed Overcome

May 14, 2017 Speaker: Steve Garcia

Topic: Mother's Day Passage: 1 Samuel 1:1–1:28

Question: 24% of men have done this at a party while drinking.  What is it?
Answer: Hugged or kissed a buddy and said “I love you, man!” 

How many here have seen this?  It’s good to tell friends you love them. But you don’t need to be drunk to do it.  We hope all the moms out there will hear those three sweet words today, ideally from someone who is sober. If you are blessed enough to still have your mom, we hope you will show her and tell her you love her today.

This morning, Steve brings a message about a woman who faced huge challenges and overcame them with the help of God. His sermon is called “The Making of an Awesome Mom: How the Overwhelmed Overcome.”