Overcoming Disappointments, Distractions & Doubt

May 7, 2017 Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: How to Be Faithful Over the Long Haul Passage: John 21:18–21:25

Question: A recent survey found that 70% of people admit to doing this after they finish eating. What is it? 
Answer: Licking their fingers clean!

How many of us will admit to doing this? How many do it but won't admit to it?

There's nothing like finishing a satisfying meal. And this morning we complete a banquet in God's Word. The Gospel of John is "the good stuff," full of insight and promises for us all. This morning, we explore where to go from here in a sermon Steve calls "Overcoming Disappointments, Distractions & Doubt: How to Be Faithful Over the Long Haul."

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