Routine Obedience: The Route to Experiencing God

December 11, 2016 Speaker: Steve Garcia Series: Advent

Topic: Obedience Passage: Luke 2:21–2:40

Routine: “A customary course of procedure; commonplace tasks done regularly; everyday activity; procedures that are habitual, unimaginative, rote, dull, uninteresting, or commonplace.” ( 

With this definition in mind, who wants a life marked by routine? Who wants, for example, a routine job, a routine marriage, or a routine existence? Most Americans today want to escape the routine, to color outside the lines, to break the mold. 

Today you will meet people who did just that, but not as you might imagine. The heroes in this week’s Scripture were extremely consistent and faithful, which became their route to God sightings. Pastor Steve brings a message that has been marinating since he was in college, and which for him, only gets better with age. His talk is called, “Routine Obedience: The Route to Experiencing God.”

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