The God-Oriented Heart

May 22, 2016 Speaker: Jill Jones Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: Taking Jesus at His Word Passage: John 8:47–8:59

Question: If you've noticed that you're feeling more stressed lately, some psychologists think this is why. What is it?

Answer: 2016 Presidential election!

Are you feeling stressed about the upcoming election? Can the future sometimes feel uncertain or stressful to you?

Well, you’re not alone and you've come to the right place! After a particular gnarly conversation where Jesus is accused of all sorts of things, we see how He uses the moment to remind His listeners—and us!—of who He really is—God! This morning, Jill brings a message of hope, comfort, and challenge to us from John 8, called “The God-Oriented Heart” OR “Taking Jesus at His Word”.

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