How Mary Made it Through

May 8, 2016 Speaker: Steve Garcia

Topic: Mother's Day Passage: Luke 1:29–1:30, Luke 2:48–2:52, John 19:25–19:27

When you think of mothers, lots of names may come to mind. Mother Teresa. Mother Superior. Mother Nature. Old Mother Hubbard. Lots of awesome mothers. But "the mother of all mothers" has to be Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

To be the mother of Jesus meant an incredible, miraculous start and an incredible, horrific end, many highs and lows in between, and in the final end, a miracle. What mother doesn't need a miracle, an answer to prayer, an angel from God along the way?

Today we will glean from the life of Mary and honor moms for the gift they are in a sermon called "How Mary Made it Through" (or “Making Note of Moments That Matter”).