Sermon - "Getting Direction for Our Lives" (or "How God Speaks To Us")

June 28, 2015 Speaker: Wesley Scheu

Topic: Getting Direction From God

Q: Before deciding on which they prefer, one sudy said that women need to see 5 of these, but men only need to see 2. What are they?

A: Selfies

While choosing which selfie to post on Instagram or Facebook might not be a life altering decision (It could be though), the truth is, every day we make lots of decisons that have much farther reaching consequences, and we could use help making them. We need to hear from someone with a much higher perspective. The good news is, we can. While pastors Steve and Jill are away on study leave and vacation, our pastor of worship and youth, Wes Scheu, will brings us a sermon on that very subject.