The Truth Telling Community: Part 6 (or "The Tangled Web of Self-Deception: Part 2")*

March 23, 2014 Series: Living Into Community

Topic: Truth Telling Passage: 2 Samuel 11

How does a cop find himself on leave without pay? How does a school teacher find herself partying with underaged students? How does a politician find himself embroiled in a scandal. Answer: one lie at a time. And if you were to scratch below the surface (or be a loved one of the guilty party) you might find some sympathy for even the most irresponsible behavior. But a lot of damage can be done in the mean time. This Sunday, we pick up our story of King David's no good, very bad year. Steve will bring Part 2 of "The Tangled Web of Self-Deception".

*Once again, parents are advised that this sermon and Bible story are rated "R" for real. It's also rated "R" for "Redemption".