Our Local Partners

We love our ministry partners throughout the city of Denver! They are committed to bringing God's love, mercy, and justice to the city, and we are grateful to participate with them in their vision. We're fortunate to have a congregation that is already individually serving in many of these ministries, but from time to time we will also arrange church-wide service projects you can join in on. If you're curious about how you can get involved with any of these organizations, please reach out to the Acts 1:8 (Mission Team) elders, Ryan Harrison or Caleb or Amy Nothwehr.




Justice And Mercy Legal Aid Clinic (JAMLAC) is a non-profit law office provides legal aid to those who cannot afford it. These services include advice and representation in cases ranging from domestic issues and immigration to general civil matters.

Mile High Ministries

Mile High Ministries

Mile High Ministries exists to put hands and feet and faces to God's love for the poor. When your financial resources are drawn down to zero, all your other issues seem magnified. Mile High Ministries gives people a chance to catch their breath, evaluate the cause of their troubles, change what is necessary and, with God's help, provide the means to reestablish a life of productivity and contribution.

Scum of the Earth Image

Scum of the Earth Church

Scum of the Earth Church is a church for the 'left-out and the right-brained'. They strive to be a church who: seeks intimacy with God and honest relationships with others; cultivates creativity and uses everyone’s gifts; asks questions while seeking Truth; recognizes our need for a Savior passionately yet respectfully shares the saving love of Christ; demonstrates God’s love in our community.

WGA Image

Where Grace Abounds

100% Truth, 100% Grace: No Compromise. Where Grace Abounds sees itself as a third voice within society’s polarized attitudes about sexuality, particularly in battles over gay rights. The third voice agrees that people are free to make their own choices, including what they choose to do about their sexual attractions, but disagrees that abstinence is damaging to people. WGA believes all sexual sinners are in the same boat, whether heterosexual or homosexual, and that God’s forgiveness is available to us all. We also see the sin of self-righteousness as equally heinous in the eyes of God and those who condemn others as equally in need of redemption as any of the people they accuse.