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Below you find important documents that we would like to share with you.

Vision Plan 2012-2013 (listen to Sermon of October 14, 2012 for Parable of the Good Samaritan that inspired the Vision Plan)

Spiritual Life Survey (listen to Sermon of September 9, 2012 for all ins and outs of this Survey)

Vision Plan 2013-2014 (listen to the Sermon of September 20, 2013 for Steve's explanation of 'Mind the Gap')

Vision Plan 2014-2015 (listen to the Sermon of September 22, 2014 for Steve's explanation of 'Cultivating Healthy Community')

Vision Plan 2015-2016 (listen to the Sermon of September 20, 2015 for Steve's explaination of "Growth"

Facility Use Request Form

Facility Use & Officiants Fees

Facility Use Checklist

Youth Ministry Medical Release Form