The Road to Awesome…THIS EXIT!

Do you lack direction? Feel stuck? Got a nasty habit of making wrong turns?

If so, you’re not alone. I’m the king of the bone head move and I’m here to help you get back on track.

Wrong Turns & Missed Off Ramps

It started early for me.

As a little guy, I was happy, bright, and witty. But I also had a diagnosis that would take years to fully recognize. I had been born with “T.B.” — Tiny Brain.

This condition is common to all of us, but I’m special. My natural approach to life is fun-loving, adventuresome, and impulsive. Full of wonder, I’m easily distracted, prone to wander from the path I should be on. Believe me when I say that I am an expert at taking wrong turns and missing off ramps. And I’m still here. So be encouraged.

Shoulda Been an Awesome Day

The happiest day of my life was also the most miserable.

Here I was, about to marry the woman of my dreams, but worn-out from exhaustion. What led to this:

Poor Planning
Poor Time-Management
Poor Life-Management
Poor Self-Care
The thing is: I looked fine. I was in leadership roles, a people-pleaser, and determined to look good.

Loved by many, known by few, I felt isolated and helpless to cry for help.

Does this sound like anyone you know? If so, I get it. As I said, I remember such times, no matter how badly I’ve tried to forget them.

I Help Awesome People Like You Find Their Way (Especially If Things Don’t Seem Awesome Right Now)

This Way to Awesomeness!

On a road trip, it’s nice to see signposts. They give you reassurance that you’re on the right track. The thing is, while the destination is awesome, you don’t need sophisticated technology to get there. Just follow basic signs, such as:

Wrong Way – God gave you eyes to see and a brain to think with. Now is a good time to use them. Take note of what is not working, not getting you where you want to go. This may be habits, places, or even people. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. You can choose your road, but you can’t choose where it leads.
Exit Here – Isn’t it hard when a friend can’t drop a deadbeat boyfriend or controlling girlfriend? They whine and complain, they are clearly unhappy…but they won’t make changes. We all do that at times. We know we’re on the wrong road, but we just can’t find the offramp. Admit you took a wrong turn and take the next exit, or live in regret. We are free to choose our road, but we can’t change where it leads.
Keep Right – The road to health and happiness may look unfamiliar at first. Old habits die hard. When you’re used to the well-worn paths you are familiar with (such as being mistreated in relationships), the road to sanity may feel a little weird. But stay the course. Soon you’ll be on your way to better things, better places, better relationships, and a more awesome life. Trust me.
Rest Stop – On a road trip, your car needs to stop now and then. It can’t stop itself; it needs you to get it the fuel, fluids, air, and rest it needs. Your body is the same way. It can’t stop itself. You’re in charge of self-care, for the care and feeding of your body. This is true for your heart, soul, mind, and spirit too.

Next Steps?

  1. Do you like the road you’re on?
  2. What’s working? What’s not?
  3. Find some time to reflect on what Awesome might mean for your life.
  4. Share your thoughts, questions, or action steps in the Comments section below!

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