A Fun Place To Get Serious About God


When I was 15 -- a clueless kid growing up in Los Angeles -- I found Jesus. 

But that's not all I found. I also found a church home and a youth group teaming with awesome kids and loving youth workers. Our youth group was fun and the young people in it meant business. They were their to have a great time, and even more, they were there to share, grow, serve, worship, and witness. 

Fast-forward 10 years. I'm now a youth pastor , but I learned something: while they loved our youth group, they did not enjoy being in our church service. They would hide out in a basement room, talking about life and things that mattered. Church, it appeared, didn't.

10 years after that, it was my time to be in charge of church. I made a lot of mistakes, but there was one I was determined not to make: leading worship services that didn't matter. I felt determined to  to create a a church community that gathered for times that were life-giving and life-changing. There should be real-world conversations taking placed and serious business being done.

And, as much as po/fssible, church should be fun. Fun in the richest sense of the word. 

Since 1998, we've enjoyed our little niche in the grand scheme of churches in our city. We're not the biggest, nor the best. But we're a fun place to get serious about God. And that's awesome.

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