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The Road to Awesome…THIS EXIT!

One man's path to a pretty blessed life -- despite many wrong turns....

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Christmas at Grandma's House: The Gospel According to Ruth


One of the names given to Jesus is Immanuel -- God With Us. In his genealogy found in Matthew 1:1-17) one of the women named as a descendant is Ruth. She is not Jewish, but a Moabite. Her story is an inspiration that God is with us...always....

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Pain Points at Thanksgiving

Danger Expectations

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." - William Arthur Ward, American Writer I love that quote. But I'm also guilty of the flaw it exposes. The truth is, when you step back and assess your life, you will undoubtedly experienced mixed feelings. On one hand, you will realize how much you have to be thankful for. On ...

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